Breastfeeding photography is, at its core, a celebration of the continuation to sustain life and mothering through breastfeeding

It is a continuation of the desire to nurture the next generation, giving them the most natural start to life possible. We want to give you a lasting keepsake to treasure when this fleeting, breastfeeding chapter of parenthood passes.

Why Breastfeeding Photography?

As with Birth Photography it wasn't until the birth and subsequent feeding of Earthside the Elder that breastfeeding became a passion in my life. I struggled with things that a lot of breastfeeding mums struggle with and sought support that was, luckily, available in my city. I later trained to support other mothers with their breastfeeding journey, however they looked. So from  here it seemed natural to combine this with the other passion in my life; photography!

It seems to me that we do something incredible with our bodies when we grow humans inside them and I think that we should be celebrating our bodies ability to keep growing them when they eventually come Earthside!

What I want to do is to celebrate the magic of your feeding journey so that when this chapter has passed you can look back proudly and wonder at your own magic.

How Breastfeeding Photography works.

Breastfeeding shoots can happen in a number of ways due to the ability to feed anywhere and everywhere!

We can get a group of wonderful breastfeeding parents together and go somewhere a bit magic. These shoots can be quite stylised and we will have a stylist do your hair and make up if that is something you'd like.

We can do it in your home amid the beautiful normality of your life. These are about honest depictions of the natural beauty and chaos of feeding another person. Or...

We can do a totally bespoke shoot  just for you. This may be a more stylised shoot in your home. Or it could be at a place that holds special sentimental value to your family. Or....

It can be pretty much anything you want it to be. The sky is the limit!

Breastfeeding Photography: In Your Hand.

In the next couple of weeks I will work on editing your photos. I will edit them and then present them to you either in person in the comfort of your own home or via on online gallery. Your initial package will include a gallery of around 10 digital images. You can then choose to purchase more in further packages. You need only buy the ones you really love! Further to this bespoke books can also be made.

Get In Touch

It'd be great to hear from you and have a chat about a photo shoot. Please call or email or use the contact form to send a message.

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