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Exciting things afoot… Or abreast!

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 22/05/2018

Learning what you love. As many of you know my second biggest passion in life is breastfeeding. Or to be more accurate, it’s supporting women who wish to breastfeed to succeed in meeting their own, personal goals. Whatever that looks like for each individual. So to carry on my theme of learning this year, I’ve just started a course to become a breastfeeding supporter for the wonderful Breastfeeding Network. This

Earthside Birth Photography

Learning, learning, learning!

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 02/04/2018

So far, this year I feel like I’ve learnt so much. Both personally and professionally. I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by people who I admire and learn from! Maternity Leave. So as you all know, I had a baby towards the end of last year which means I’m currently on maternity leave. I can tell you, while wonderful, it’s very different from the first time! Having a small

Earthside Birth Photography

Bianca’s Birth. A Positive Birth Story.

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 26/03/2018

This post is a bit different to the other positive birth stories here at Earthside. Going from being the documentor to the documented is a strange and wonderful thing! Due date. It often seems to be the case that mums rely, emotionally, on the magical estimated delivery date, or EDD, given to us by a GP or sonographer, as the date that we will eventually meet our precious cargo. Babies

Earthside Birth Photography - Bethany's Birth

Where have we gone?

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 19/03/2018

Helllllloooo!! So you may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet lately. There’s a small, baby shaped reason for that! I’m currently on maternity leave having had a baby in November. Having two has been quite the adjustment. Birth. As you know we’re quite passionate about birth here at Earthside and our own birth experiences are no different. We were very lucky to have Karah from The Glass Narrator capture

dimples and daisies milk baths

Milk Bath Breastfeeding Photography

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 01/10/2017

Before I talk about milk bath breastfeeding photography, firstly, I want to share some things. Tonight seems a fairly momentous occasion. Not to the world but to us personally here at Earthside. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the moment I fell in love with birth. This time 3 years ago I was in the latent phase of labour. I was beginning my journey. And I’m feeling quite emotional. Three years

Karla's Birth

My Top 8 Birth Photos.

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 14/06/2017

The moment you become a parent is one of beauty and mystery and wonder. And it happens in a myriad of different ways from unmedicated home birth to birth via a surrogate. And they are all beautiful. Birth photography is a wonderful way to celebrate all the beauty and variety in birth. Here we look at some of what we think are the most beautiful photos capturing the moment everything

cesarean birth, elective

Project Elective.

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 17/05/2017

From having a homebirth with no unnecessary interventions at all to having an elective cesarean birth, here at Earthside we talk a lot about having a birth experience and we are very aware that this will look different for every person giving birth. One of the main factors in having a positive birth experience is that the person giving birth feels listened to and in control of what is happening to

earthisde birth Photography - positive birth

14 Things Mamas Wished they had known about Labour and Birth

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 25/03/2017

From the moment we consider having children, and possibly even before this point, we are bombarded with information, opinion and stories about what birth and labour are like. From the stories of your peers of all the gruesome details, your own mama telling you how hard she worked to bring you into the world and your well meaning Aunt commiserating all the pain you’ll be in. You’ll be forgiven for

Vikki Young - Birth Doula - Earthside Birth Photography

Birth Doula, Vikki Young, Tells us about Supporting Mamas.

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 23/02/2017

Vikki Young talks about her work as a birth doula at Vikki Young Doula and how she got to work in a profession she feels so passionate about. Birth Doula’s, Being Who Mama needs. My name is Vikki Young. I am a birth and postnatal doula living in Hampshire. I support women and their families on their birth and postnatal journey. A birth doula can be hired at any point

Earthside Birth Photography - Bethany's Birth

Bethany’s Birth. A Positive Birth Story.

By Bianca Vermeulen-Smith | 16/02/2017

I spoke to Bethany about her positive birth story. Hi, Bethany, what was your due date? I was due “dotty” originally on the 9th October and then that was brought forward to 4th October. I was overdue with my first, Indie, by exactly a week and her birthday is 21st September so I was actually hoping for more time between birthdays therefore the more overdue I was the better. I