First Days is a tangible memento of those first wonderful, delirious hazy days of parent hood

All furry elf ears and curled up cuddles. It is a testament to the love and hard work and exhaustion and smiles those first few days bring. A keepsake for all the family to enjoy for decades to come.

How First Days works.

The first few days of new life are wonderful and life affirming and spirit testing and poop! First Days looks to capture all the wonder of these things. First we will meet to get to know each other a bit while you are still expecting.

This lets me get to know the kind of thing you like and makes sure that we are all comfortable with each other, as the first few days after birth can be an emotional time! This meeting can happen anywhere, a cafe (as I've said before, everything is better with cake) or at your house (don't worry, I won't expect cake!)

Then you let me know when your baby is Earthside and we'll confirm a date that suits you.

First Days : The Main Event.

First Days sessions take place in your home and usually take between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours and look to showcase all the beautiful chaos of that special time so no need to make your house sparkly!

Once we have agreed a date and time, relax in with your new family and I'll be a fly on the wall, trying not to disturb the magic and bonding but capturing it all for you to look back on in the future.

First Days: In Your Hand.

While you and your new family bond and adjust to life together, I'll be working away to give you a memento to treasure and pass down for generations. Real images that you and your loved ones can flick through and remember the madness, chaos and love of those first few days!

Your initial package will include a gallery of around 10 digital images. You can then choose to purchase more in further packages. You need only buy the ones you really love! Further to this bespoke books can also be made.

Get In Touch

It'd be great to hear from you and have a chat about a photo shoot. Please call or email or use the contact form to send a message.

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